One day workshops - wheelthrowing

It is possible to to book a one day workshop for a group of 5 to 7 persons. During this workshop I will guide you through the basics of wheelthrowing. At the end of the class we pick one of each’s works to be glazed. After 3-6 weeks you can come and collect your makings. 

Cost : from 75,- per person.

*(On the basis of a 6 person group)
Please pop me an email for more info. 

8 week courses  -wheelthrowing 

Suitable for all levels. 
I will guide you through the whole ceramic process from raw clay- the trowing of various shapes- trimming-propperly drying- firing and finaly glazing of your pots. 

Courses are full till the end of August. To stay updated for new courses starting in September; please sign up for the newsletter :):)

To sign up.